Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flash #10

The Flash #10
Script & Cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato Pencils: Marcus To
Inks: Ray McCarthy
Colors: Buccellato(pgs. 1-10), & Ian Herring ( pgs. 11-20
Letters: Wes Abbott
Associate Editor Chris Conroy
Editor: Matt Idelson

Flash #10 features the Weather Wizard in this one shot who comes across more as an antihero rather than a complet Villian. He is not looking to fight the Flash but does everything possible to slow the Flash down. The two have different paths that just happen to intersect.

Much like the end of issue #9 where there is no panel of the Flash going from Gorrila City to Central CIty with a new objective. The Flash first appears in issue #10 already in South America ready to fight. How did the Flash even figure out he had to go to South America and go after Weather Wizard? There is a lot of disconnect between the end of previous and the start of this issue. Perhaps I am finally noticing pencils and inks because this issue look does not look like Buccellato's art. It appears darker which I guess is appropriate for the climate disasters the Weather Wizard can create.
The writing at first seems confusing and could lead to a change in the Flashs life. His main goal in the issue is personal while the Weather Wizard has a business reason that becomes more personal. We know the two are really enemies but that does not come across well here. After achieveing the first part of his goal The Flash and from a far viewpoint takes care of a request while figuring out he can not complete his task.  The Flash and Weather Wizard have woman problems through different means..
My favorite part of the issue follows the half a second later intro. Those small panels remind me of the Flash TV season. The regular cover would look like a fit for the issue and is very descriptive but it is just another version of the title page. The end of issue foreshadows issue #12 but not issue #11.

7(out of 10)