Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flash 14

Flash #14
Script & Cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Art: Manapul

Colors: Buccellato

Letterer: carlos M. Mangual

Associate Editor: Chris Conroy

Editor:Matt Idelson
     Flash #14 with the use of flashbacks and other characters/scenes help to take the focus off Barry Allen.  One look at page four will tell you the Flash's should change his course of action.  This is a perfect way to introduce Solovar and it's nice to see Iris again.  I almost forgot about Dr. Elias and he had a good cameo.
     The writing was good although it took me a second read through to accept the pages Solovar was narrating. In a way this issue is more about him than the Flash.  Solovar message is unclear could he be saying that the Speed Force itself is dangerous to use or just future events through it.  A conversation between Solovar and The Flash next issue might shed some light on Solovar's words.
     As usual the art carries the issue while page four looks great visually it tells you things will not go a The Flash's way especially if you know the cover for Flash #15 . Page eleven has is the best drawn in the issue with The Flash speeding around Gorilla Grodd.  The Speed Force energy coming off of Grodd is red and combining with the fact The Flash is losing his costume once he makes contact with it.  Does that mean Grodd is using the negative speed force from the previous series.  I do not like the design of Solovar he just appears to be a normal gorilla.  How is he suppose to battle Grodd without weapons or even armor.  No arguments with this cover though one nitpick might have it show a bare hand.
     Flash #14 was good but it left more questions than answers.  How can the Flash and his allies stand up to Grodd in their condition.  Daniel West character just gives me an uneasy feeling I think he will become a villain.  I am not a fan of credits at the end.

8(out of 10)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flash 13

Flash #13

script & cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Art: Manapul

Colors: Buccellato with Ian Herring

Letterer: Wes Abbott

Associate Editor: Chris Conroy

Editor:Matt Idelson

     Flash 13 follows the event of Flash annual 1 and Flash 0 where we have a introduction of a father figure to Barry.  The Turbine segment is also continued from the annual which is also cool.  One has to be on nerves for what Turbine might say to anyone regarding Barry.  Daniel West also reappearing from issue #0 is a good sign.   The issue was good with these new elements but slow paced.

   The writing was high on action but took too long for The Flash to run into Grodd at the climax because it took him the whole issue to trust the Rogues.  The Trickster scene does in Flash.12 he said he was with the Rogues but here he appears to be a loner.  The Daniel West scene fit the story better.  At first page 19 seemed awful with just The Flash's thoughts but reinforces the theme of protecting Central City.

    Two nitpicks about the art are Mirror Master on the cover and not the issue.  He could have been replaced with the Trickster to better represent the issue.  After issue none I thought the Lightning Bolt on Grodd was permanent.  Everything else was exceptional.  My favorite is the two page spread on pages 16-17 with The Flash in the foreground.  The final page also makes Grodd look nine feet tall compared to the Flash also the electrify flowing from the entity other than the Flash just looks weird.
    The story is good as the series appears to be hitting a turning point with a emphasis towards the action and these new elements.  Daniel West seems like a new device to keep his family name rellavent.  The Trickster looks like he has his own agenda from the Rogues.  Grodd does not appear to be a hunter otherwise he would have been in the middle of the action.

8(out of 10)