Friday, January 29, 2010

1/27 comics

Green Lantern #50 totally awesome. If I have one complaint its the amount of screen time given to Larfleeze and Luthor. You have Green, Yellow, Violet and Red all battling the Spectre while BN Flash #2 had the blue lanterns and the Atom and Hawkman had the Indigo stuff. Even though Luthor's one line was great it was like okay where did those two go. Like Hal comment about not being thrilled to team up wiith Luthor and Scarecrow. One line by Artrocius seemed to hint more about Spectre being the red entity. The kiss so are we now to assume they are back together or was it just for good luck. When the batteries got teleported I thought we would get atleast one panel of Kyle.

BN:JSA #2 More Black Lantern trickey with a very misleading cover heartbreaking for a Flash fan. There was no sight of Jay Garrick in this issue. Black Lantern Damage revives Black Lantern Superman and did Jessie change her outfit in front of her Black Lantern father. That scene was way too short two pages. The story was good but nothing spectacular and the art was fine except for the cover which has to rate second to Teen Titans #77 as misleading for Blackest Night.

Superman Secret Origin #4 Superman vs. Parasite. I thought Luthor was going to transform Rudy Jones on purpose. I als found the mention of General Lane a bit odd. I did not realize that was Jimmy Olsen with Superman and that the fight would last the whole issue from when it started. The covers of this miniseries have the same look but give us people in the issue besides Superman.

Batman and Robin #7 I thought that was a female Robin but it turns out to the Robin version of Dick's British counterpart. The story was good. and it actually got my attention away from the art which I thought was absolutely terrible in the beginning the way Batman looked while running and also in front. An unexpected visit from Batwoman who I know nothing about in the comic world.

Atom and Hawkman #46 Disappointed this didn't open with a nok After a quick battle with the Hawks. Indigo-1 tells Ray in order to contact her tribe she will basically be vunerable to any attack. Its up to Ray to keep her alive. Indigo-1 ring is infected by Jean Loring. After returning and restoring Indigo-1 ring he says to her help me find a way to bring the Hawks back to life. The various Lantern homeworlds are contacted. So with this ending and the GL #50 ending you can see the setup for Blackest night #7. Love the you crazy b*tch comment.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blackest Night Flash #2 review

Review by Eric Ridgeway

Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Scott Kolins
Color: Michael Atiyeh
Cover: Kolins & Atiyeh
Variant Cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Letters: Travis Lanham
Editor: Adam Schlagman

This issue is a really nice change of pace from The Flash comic books of 2009. To be more specific it is great to see the Rogues heavily featured in a Flash book again. With news of the Black Lanterns spreading across the world, Captain Cold decides to take the proactive approach and leads the Rogues into a reverse prison break. They actually break into Iron Heights prison to hunt down the Black Lantern Rogues. Mirror Master and The Trickster face off with their undead predecessors while Heat Wave and Weather Wizard have to deal with old friends. The Blue Lantern Barry Allen appearance feels like a thirty minute TV show and lacks the action of the Rogues' pages.

Geoff Johns does a great job of taking the reader inside the mind of Captain Cold. No matter what odds he may face he knows how to get back up and soldier on. However, I was expecting the fight with Golden Glider to be more expansive, it ended well before I could really get into their interaction. Even though someone used the Sinestro Corps symbol instead of the Blue Lantern symbol Barry's caption I was slightly annoyed at his internal struggles. It made me wonder if Hal or Ganthet could have made some kind of difference. I am not sure what the purpose of the Flash was in this issue but his scenes did help synch this book up with Blackest Night and Johns totally delivers on the cliffhanger.

Scott Kolins artwork on this issue was good but not great. It was nice to see Captain Cold lose his glasses for a change. Seeing his eyes gives him a new dimension other than a criminal mastermind. His lack of emotion was perfectly displayed and even though his dead sister tried to draw more out of him his completely cool demeanor was completely in character. While Cold had some redeeming qualities Professor Zoom did not come off evil enough. (Weren't his eyes red in the previous issue?) Both the regular and variant covers captured the feel and story from the issue.

Overall I like the issue but I guess I am bothered by the blue ring having difficulties when Barry has been a source of hope and inspiration in the Blackest Night.

Overall Rating 8 out of 10 (On Its Way to Greatness)

Friday, January 22, 2010

1/20 comics

Green Lantern Corps #44 was a Mogo centric episode as he tells Saleek he has the ability to purge Oa to save the central battery from the black lanterns. Kyle Rayner attempts to talk to Red Lantern Guy Gardner but Guy dismisses Kyle as a black lantern trick. After the purging where Mogo will keep the black lanterns underneath forever. Kyle and the others decide to go find Guy but he finds them first. Now two thoughts first With Guy able to keep using his green ring does that mean he hasn't totally given into his red rage? Second with Guy still a red lantern at the end of this issue I think Green Lantern Corps will remain seperate from Green Lantern and the Blackest Night main book.

Starman #81 tells the story of David Knight, the second Starman as a Black Lantern goingup against Mason and Hope O'Dare as well as Shade known as Richard Swiftr. I don't know if he has any light powers but Black Lantern Starman rips out Shade's heart and a black ring attempts to rise him but the ring goes right through him and can't animate his body. Story was good but art was weird in certain places

Phantom Stranger #42 features the Phantom Stranger and Blue Devil battling the Black Lantern Spectre in an attempt to keep the animated Spectre from focusing on Hal Jordan. During the fight the real Spectre appears and encourages the two to keep battling. The second hald has the two helping Boston Brand put his body back to rest I think we have a clue when Deadman says "...white Light ain't got a snowball chance in hell of stopping Nekron" Story annd art was good. Cover a bit off with Zatanna appearing on the cover and just mentioned in the issue but I have seen worse covers.

Monday, January 18, 2010

1/13 comics

Adventure Comics #6 finishes up the backup story from #5 left off in which Lex finds Superboy at what turns out to be Lex's sister home. Lex's sister is not well and he enlist Superboy to run a couple of errands for him in order to cure his sister. Howerver Lex shows he has the ability to play god by giving the cure and then taking it away. I do not whose actions are worse Lex from this uissue or Professor Zoom based on what was revealed in Flash Rebirth #5. Superboy throws his list compariong Superman and Lex away. Story and Art excellent.

Catwoman #83 features Selina Kyle facing off with the one foe she actually killed the original Black Mask. With help from Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Catwoman is able to thrwart Black Lantern Black Mask attempt to go after Selina's sister who was held in an insane aslyum for not having spoken a word since her husband was killed but still believes Catwoman was responsible. Story and Art were good.

Power of Shazam #48 was a bit weird in that you had Black Lanterns fighting each other. Osiris, a member of the Black Adam family rises and does not act like any other Black Lantern by not seeking people's hearts until Black Latern Sobek shows up and they have a duel. Orisis kills his Black Lantern version to destory Sobek in an effort to prove to himself he is a hero. Story and Art were fine for this unusual issue.

Secret Six #17 contines the Suicide Squad #67 in which Deadshot faces off with his Suicide Squad replacement who is now a Black Lantern called Yasemin Soze. Another interesting scenewas the fight to the death between Tiger and Catman but really this saga is much to do about nothing. I will probably not pick up Secret six #18. Story was ok and art was fine.

1/6 comics

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2 was very fascinating as we got a look at Diana's thoughts as a Black Lantern. The fight was Mera was expanded of course from Blackest Night #6. However I have trouble with the change of scenary during the fight as it did not match up with the events of Blackest Night #6. Also I do not like the art on the last page of the issue with WW in the Star Sapphire costume it looks a bit off from the ad based on Reis's art.

Red Tornado #5 felt like a better read than the last issue of the miniseries. Tornado and Torpedo finally convince Inferno that Valcano is the bad seed in this family reunion. Inferno reveals to Tornado that Volcano's target is Tornado's human family. Inferno pulls out Tornado's daughter from the earthquake rubble but does not relay this to Tornado leaving a little bit of doubt as to which side he is really on. That is how I read it. Story and art were good.

Suicide Squad #67 was the first of the dead series this month. Also I am new to Suicide Squad comic world so I may confused squad members with secret six members. A black lantern fiddler comes back to target Deadshot and other secret six members that include the Batman villian Bane. The story and art were fine except for the fact it looked like Amanda Waller was wearing a sweatsuit.

Weird Western Tales #71 features a black lantern Jonah Hex which caught me by surprised. I liked the issue just because we found out what happen to the black lantern ring meant for Don Hall(Dove). The story potangonist was confused in thinking that the black lanterns were coming after him and his group for the ring. Other than that it was a pretty average comic book with nothing spwectacular about the story and art.

Friday, January 8, 2010

12/30 comics- Blackest Night #6

Blackest Night #6 picks up where #5 left off with certain heroes becoming "living" black lanterns and black rings chasing Barry Allen and Hal Jordan(Geoff Johns Golden Boys not to mention my favorite comic characters). Barry Allen takes himself and Hal Jordan two seconds into the future toescape the black rings. Once they get back to the battle and the New Guardians plan in #5 failed. Ganthet says all the colored rings are based on Oan technology and can duplicate to deputize others for 24 hours. This is done to buy some time until more regular lanterns join the fight on Earth Gathet makes himself a green lantern, Blue=Barrry, Indigo=Atom, Violet=WW, Red=Mera, Yellow=Scarecrow and Orange=Luthor. WW overcomes a black ring to get the violet ring because her love for the planet is great. Now I have no problem with Ganthet becoming a green lantern after being a blue guardian since he is more familar with the green power. Comic Geek Speak speculated why didn't the deputization happen sooner in the story. It could have taken place after #5 as well since it seemed like only 5 minutes went by in their time. Also people have asked why Superman did not get the blue ring instead of Barry. My response is that this series is proving why Barry Allen is back and that is Geoff Johns behind all of this.

12/23 comics

Green Lantern #49 is a John Stewart story(I know about damn time) showing him completely exploring Xanshi now a black lantern planet and coming face to face with a black lantern Katma Tui. So basically John overcomes his fear of letting Xanshi down. The backup played well to introsduce Blackest Night #6 but did it have to be in this book preventing John from getting a full issue?

Blackest Night: JSA #1 typical mini it seems like. Just 2 questions. Who is powergirl mad at? You would think Nekron but it did not say it outright. So Liberty Belle new costume in Flash Rebirth #5 doesn't last long or as far as the JSA is concerned she must be in her Libert Belle outfit since Blackest Night takes place after Flash Rebirth.

Teen Titans #78 shows Deathstorke/Slade son joining the fight against the black lanterns. However once the fight is over Rose turns her back on her father believing her mother is still alive and joseph after all he has been through decides to go under his dad's wing for more training. This story was confusing as no Teen Titans showed up in my opinion.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

12/16 comics

Green Lantern Corps #43 So the end page of #42 didn't have any long term affect with Kyle back alive about 18 pages into this issue. He was "dead" only for minutes in their that only Guy Gardner and Soranik Natu reacted to it in the corps. Should they Guy keep the red ring to fight the black lanterns if he does not completely give into the rage. I think so.

Superman/Batman #67 The conclusion of Bizarro/Man-Bat vs. Black Lantern Solomon Grundy. Bizarro tosses Grundy to the suin and Man-Bat turns his back on a cure.

Justice League of America #40 featured the Black Lantern Dr. Light licking on Firestorm's girlfriend because she was turned into salt and then turning his attention to the new Dr. Light(Kimiyo). Kimoyo uses white light to dispatch him, Black Lantern Vibe and one other.

Outsiders #26 featuers the continuation of Black Lantarn Tara trick to gain an emotional response from her brother and others. Halo and Tatsu fight Tatsu's black lantern family berore Halo has to use white light on Tara.

The Brave and the Bold #30 features Green Lantern and Dr. Fate. After Dr. Fate puts a bit of his energy in Hal's ring he emerges to help Hal in a dangerous spot. Though the majority of this issue is a philopischical debate Dr Fate guides Hal off the terror planet. The art was story were good considering it was a short story that sahold have no ramafications for them in the future.