Saturday, August 3, 2013

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox

     First off its nice to get an animated movie that.  is Flash centric rather than the usual Batman or Superman stuff. The main cast is unfamiliar to me as I do not watch Grey's Anatomy.   C. Thomas Howell provides Professor Zoom with an excellent, deranged of voice.  The facial features of Zoom, Flashpoint Batman and MIrror Master appear to be arkward.

 The rest of this review may contain spoilers.

   Based on the Flashpoint miniseries., the story focuses on Barry Allen/The Flash coming to terms with his mother's death when he was a kid.  The Flash goes to the Flash museum to stop the Rogue which may have given us the first animated appearance of The Top.  Professor Zoom shows up to cause further trouble for both sides.  After The Justice League intervenes and Zoom verbally taunts Flash, Barry wakes up in a different world with no powers.  Also Batman uses guns.  That tells you right away this is not our Batman.  it turns out that Thomas Wayne is under the cowl as the cowl and Bruce died that faithful night.  Martha Wayne as The Joker is probably the most disturbing fact about Flashpoint.  The thought of Bruce being alive is enough motivation for Thomas to help Barry regain his abilities and fix the timeline.  After the two meet up with Cyborg the main hero of this universe and others.  One of the bloodiest battles in DC animated history happens as the world is dying as Zoom further taunts the Flash as Barry realizes he created this timeline by saving his mother.  it is a fascinating journey of a hero turning villain unknowingly then going back to stop his previous self to set things right.. At the end Barry finally understands his mom's advice you can not change everything, but only the things you can control right then.  After all you can not save everyone.
9(out of 10)