Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flash #15

Flash #15

script & cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Art:Marcus To and Ryan Winn w/Manapul

Colors: Buccellato with Ian Herring

Letterer: Carlos Mangual

Associate Editor: Chris Conroy

Editor:Matt Idelson
     Flash #15 holds true the one common theme this series has in that the art speaks louder than the words.  The splash pages are visually stunning and are an improvement from the first couple of pages.  One could argue the splash pages make this issue the best drawn of the series.  Perhaps it's because of a new co-artist but the non splash pages looked less detail.
     The writing was decent. I was just confused on a couple of panels when Captian Frye was talking to a comatosed Barry then Turbine answered.  Page five does nothing for the story.  Furthermore was the city really in worst shaped then what it appeared to be in previous issues.  The overall story arc is clearer.  Grood looks ancient without the speed force.  Also was Grodd just stumbling around the city or did he know where he was going?  I would like to know.
   The art in the beginning just does not look as crisp as from the series.   I have never seen Winn's work before, much less heard of the guy, if he continues on I will get used to it.  in one panel Patty Spivot is missing part of her nose.  The Rogues part looks cleaner then the beginning of the book.  Now it seems like To and Winn were switching off between panels because the one featuring Mirror Master looks different from the panel above.
    The four double spread splash pages relate to near future events that I do not want to say anything more about other than one image could explain the setting of one of the scenes from the issue.  Barry's conclusion at the end might have answered my own question from before no matter how crazy it is.  This whole story race is about to go wild with things moving very fast.

9(out of 10)