Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Flash mid season finale review

Well that was an awesome mid season finale review and then some.  It  had me geeking out from start to finish because of Tina McGee, Fiestorm and the Reverse-Flash.  Not to mention the storyline implications with Iris.  Catlin seems to be getting her own storyline independent of Barry.

Amanda Pays returning to Flash lore was great even as the same character name as she played in the 90s Flash series.  In this version she was working for a rival to Star Labs.  Like pretty much every guest star on the show she was questioning Harrison Wells motives and for good reason  That said her scenes felt stall because Barry was asking for some equipment.  

It seems like Firestorm has just been hanging out at the Star Labs parking garage since the particle accelarator blew.  I like how Catlin went to Cisco right away for help.  Now these two have something to do that does not involve Barry.  As for the last scene with Firestorm perhaps he felt Catlin was in trouble causing him to inadvertently save Barry.  Thing are going to get crazy with Firestorm.

The Reverse-Flash looked great my only complaint with is red eyes when the same color was on the previous villian why not yellow to mix it up.  That being said him taunting Barry was awesome knowing full well that Barry could not catch him.  Also the Reverse-Flash kicking Barry's ass just proves how much The Flash still needs to learn.  Presenting him as faceless was interesting way trying to leave it open ended as who could be this guy(though the final scene seems to imply the most obvious answer.)

Iris staying slient as Barry confess his feeling for her was perfect.  She could not figure it out before so how would she respond.  Did Catlin and Iris have a scene together before this episode much like Eddie Thawne and Wells.  During both of those scenes I was like do you two know each other yet.  All series long I have been waiting for Joe West to tells Wells his partner name to she his reaction.