Monday, February 15, 2010

2/10 comics

Adventure Comics #7 featured Black Lantern Superboy and Wonder Girl Cassie. Difficult comic to understand in the begging with the art and writing around Superboy. When he says "I mean, why spare your feelings if I'm gonna eat your heart anyway." doesn't match the art. Then at the Fortress f Soltitude the Ring gets confused. Story was better than the art.

Secret Six #18 Part three of their Blackest Night story involving the Suicide Squad. A temporary alliance is formed between the two groups to battle Black Lanterns. I finally understood which person was on which team. Amanda Waller (I don't like her jumpsuit) ends the battle with a Green Light Gernade Art was ok and story became clearer.

Batman & Robin #8 Dick Grayson in London trying to bring back Bruce in a Lazarus pit. I wasa expecting a Black Lantern version of "Batman." Don't know why saince it is not a tie-in. "Batman" rises, Dick realises its not Bruce Batwoman(I think her name is Kate) dies. Cameron Stewart draws Damein a little chubby compared to other artists an OK book.

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