Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flash 8 review

Reverse Flash: Rebirth

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Scott Kolins

Colorist: Brian Buccellato

Letterer: Sal Cipriano

Cover: Kolins w/ Michael Atiyeh

Variant cover: Stanley Lau

Editors: Adam Schlagman & Eddie Berganza

Well Eobard Thawne (a.k.a. Professor Zoom) is one really bad dude isn't he? Flash #8picks up seemingly where #7 left off with Professor Zoom running around. However this time he says he is free to change it all as he narrates his origin story.

The 25th century, where Thawne is from, is depicted as a scitenfic-social utopia where every task has to be done at an assigned time sometimes even to the second. Thawne stats were predetermined as it is the custom by genetic scientists and his parents. Thawne had a little brother. This is where the reader is given the reason for the story. Thawne goes back in his own time line and murders everyone he percieves from stopping him from his ultimate goal learning about the speed force. For the murders shown in the art he is in his uniform but some murders are only hinted at. My only problem with the writing is one page where Thawne is shown as the Flash of the 25th century. Could this be a single page retcon?

The art is really good in this issue but even great when Thawne shows up as Professor Zoom. Kolins use of red around the eyes really gives Thawne the look of do not (bleep) with me. Out of costume you can see Thawne becoming more evil with each betrayal from his viewpoint. Pages 12 and 13 are where this happens he looks real stern. Even the regular cover is intimidating with him grinding his teeth.

I also like that Barry does not show up in real time in this issue making the events of Green Lantern 59 and 60 correspond well to Flash 7 and 8. This issue would have been better had Thawne described how Barry ruined his future?
9(out of)10

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