Sunday, November 22, 2009

11/18 comics

First off my Flash Rebirth #5 thoughts/review will be posted later as its own entry. It was meant as a review for but one of the editors beat me too it. I sent them my review anyway to hopefully edit and posted there if they want. I will still post it here anyway when its as perfect as possible.

These are all blackest night tie ins so enjoy

Adventure Comic #4 features Superboy prime rather than regular Superboy(Connor Kent) who is in the Blackest Night storyline. This story is kind of weird Superboy Prime is actually reading the Blackest Night titles. I guess he's on Adventure Comics #4. (LOL!!!) and says "OH-NO." He makes his parents take him to the comic shop so he could buy Adventure Comics #5 so he can find out what happens to him. In his life people have hated him as he is caaught being a hero or a villian. Also his parents are afraid of him. Black Lantern Alexander Luthor shows up to trigger an emotional response. During the fight he saves his parents convinced they love him. As some other Black Lanterns invade it is teased he will die in #5. Overall the story was good and fun. The art was good as I have no complaints.

Superman/Batman #66 spun off the Solomon Grundy miniseries by Scott Kolins who will do Blackest Night: the Flash beginning next month. The story features Grundy, Bizarro and Man-Bat. The Man-Bat's wife is looking for a permanet cure to get him back to normal but before he can get the cure Bizarro kidnaps him. When Bizarro speaks he actually means the reverse. Man-Bat and Bizarro run into Black Lantern Grundy and a fight ensues. Man-Bat somehow makes back to his wife and looks confused between accepting the cure and helping Bizarro deal with Grundy. Just like Bizarro is dumbfounded as to why his friend is attacking him. The story is good as it looks like the two "good guys" are each dealing with some internal conflict. Kolins doing the art on this book made it even better since he knew Grundy and Bizarro from the miniseries. Man-Bat looks ok.

Outsiders #24 took Black Lantern Terra from the Blackest Night Titans mini and put her at the headquarters for the outsiders to find her brother Geo-Force alongside Metamorpho, Black Lightning and Owlman(who I have only seen depicted as a villian s this was a bit odd) Terra says she is tired of being a black lantern after battling the Titans and Beast Boy. They try to cut the ring but it circle around and regenerates the finger it was on. Terra story is had is swallow she is probably acting to get an emotionail response. The second half of the issue I feel I can't comment on since the characters were all new to me. No problems with the story and art.

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