Monday, November 16, 2009

Comics from 11/4 and 11/11

So on 11/4 I picked up Red Tornado #3 and Doom Patrol #4(Blackest Night tie-in).

Red Tornado #3 the story continues to be fine it is taking Red Tornado in a new direction. The cover made no sense it features Tornado, Torpedo and Inferno when Inferno doesn't meet the the other two in the issue.

I really have no concrete thoughts on Doom Patrol #4 I just got it for the yellow ring.

For 11/11
Green Lantern Corps #42 The devour will new command for the Black Lantern got old real quick. The death at the end was stunning I want him back as I think he has an interesting storyline ahead.

Booster Gold #26 pretty much same thing as Doom Patrol got it for a ring. Except I know them from DCAU.

Rebels #10 Its interesting that the Sinestro Corps showed up in this story. The conclusion was even more interesting a yellow ring fell to the main character of the book. This will be strange next issue.

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