Friday, February 3, 2012


The Flash #5

Story: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art: Manapul
Colors: Buccellato
Letters: Wes Abbott
Cover: Manapul w/ Buccellato
Variant Cover: Gary Frank w/ Brad Anderson
Assistant Editor: Darren Shaw
Editor: Brian Cunningham

Flash #5 had a very satisfying conclusion to the first arc in the new 52. The issue solicits may have been tagged about Mob Rule's fate but I think the real point was Manuel Lago's fate, which was surprising enough as well as the final line. Yet the storyline fails to prove why Barry Allen and Iris West needed to be separated as Patty Spivot was not central to solve the problem.
The writing was excellent as I did not Manuel making the choice he did based on the events of the issue. His reasoning seems to contradict the previous issue. I could have seen Manuel going heel because Mob Rule needed him to survive and for him to tell Barry this is how things need to be. However, it is just hard to believe that Manuel suddenly cares about Mob Rule when he already has abandoned them before. Can we take Manuel at face value? The final line of the issue was equally surprising and we just have to wonder how long Barry will think about the ramifications.
The art was good. The title and vortex pages pages were my favorites but not as exciting as previous issues. Each title page was unique giving the whole arc a special feeling with issue #3 being the best Maybe not for this issue alone but the art really told the story. The regular cover was very appriorate as it described a scene. The wintry backgrounds on the first few pages were a nice touch.
While The Flash #5 had a nice ending it was different then the previous issues because the writing felt greater than the art. The motives for Manuel's change of heart were lacking but Atleast it looks like he will have future storylines. I am very interested to see what dominates Barry's time now Captain Cold or the Speed force?

#5(7 out of 10)
Arc(9 out of 10)

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