Friday, February 24, 2012


The Flash #6

Story: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art: Manapul
Colors: Buccellato
Letters: Wes Abbott
Cover: Manapul
Variant Cover: Mike Choi
Assistant Editor: Darren Shaw
Editor: Brian Cunningham

Flash #6 just feels right with the Flash battling Captain Cold. Only this time Cold has evolved to the point where he could be considered a metahuman. The subplot discovered at the end of #5 actually has a big impact on this issue.

The writing for the most part is good. My biggest problem is that say Barry Allen and Patty Spivot are now boyfriend/girlfriend and while this was hinted at during the first arc somehow it just rubs me the wrong way so early in the second arc. Cold's motives seem to be ok but him upset with the Flash because of the EMP blast as a tipping point for the attack seems to be rehashed from the Mob Rule arc. The short scene with Dr. Elias serves a purpose giving The Flash the devices to monitor his speed to try to avoid a bigger problem. That's the reason why The Flash says he is slower he is trying to be careful to cause a worst situation and not because of age.

Now because my comic reading basically starts with Flash:Rebirth the Captain Cold I am used to comes from Challenge of the Superfriends and Justice League where he appears to be twenty years older than the Flash. With this updated version of Captain Cold I wonder if they are the same age. I am happy to see Cold kept his goggles and understand his new hood design, however I will miss the full parka though it does make sense with the way his powers are now. the cover and splash scenes are great.

I hope to see two things with Captain Cold next issue. First how his powers changed? Second why the Rogues disbanded? however with the Flash's monitor saying 98 percent his attention may be diverted quickly. plus does Cold know who the Flash is? it seemed like an easy find.

8 (out of 10)

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