Sunday, August 5, 2012

Flash #11

The Flash #11 Slow Burn

script & cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

pencils: Marcus To

inks: Ray McCarthy

colors: Buccellato(pgs. 1-10), &; Ian Herring ( pgs. 11-20)

Letters: Wes Abbott

Associate Editor Chris Conroy

editor: Matt Idelson

Flash #11 introduces Heatwave in the new 52 in a rather simple story.  The design of Heatwave looks to make him equal to Captain Cold where they appear to be metahumans..  The overall story is lacking but and its major problem is another rogue.

     That nitpick is Captain Cold is featured in as many pages as Heatwave.  It hurts the entire issue and Heatwave as a character.  Mick Rory now looks like a minor character even within the rogues.  I understand they hate each other but the story would have been better had Cold just made a cameo.  Heatwave as far as public knowledge has made appearances in Justice League Unlimited.  This issue does nothing to let him grows.  This is also the second straight issue that seems to ignore the conclusion of #10    even though Dr Elias has an entire page he does not interact with The Flash.  Then again the Flash's secret identity Barry Allen is just weird in this issue.  Though it was nice to see the mental power side of the speed force again.  I had nearly forgot about it.

    The art seems to grow on me the darker colors this being the second time around did not bother it was darker than usual but brighter than #10.  My favorite panel is the top of page 18.  I am a.sucker for the Flash running around doing his thing.  The cover is misleading where it seems that Heatwave was the one watching Iris and the others in the speed force which might have been a better story.
     Really Barry you are investagating Arson crimes and a prime suspect does not pop into your head?  Are not Keystone City and Central CIty next to each other? If they are how can Barry play dead much longer.  Captain Cold should not have co-stared in this issue.

6(out of 10)

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