Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flash 12

The Flash #12

Script & Cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Art: Francis Manupul

Colors: Buccellato

Letters: Wes Abbott

Associate Editor Chris Conroy

Editor: Matt Idelson

    Flash #12 has nonstop action like "The Dark Knight" from the rogues but not the Flash.  This issue focuses on the rogues with a wild plan under new leadership.   The Flash only has two scenes while the rogues are everywhere.  The writing is good and the art is great with few nitpicks.

   The rogues new leader does not waste any time in causing havoc on multiple levels.  Their main goal seems to be revenge on there former boss Captain Cold.  One negative aspect about the writing was the Flash had no action sequences.  Now this issue is Act 1 of a bigger story but the Flash should have at least confronted the rogues.  It felt like he was just there in his own book.  Then again the Flash was probably screwed either way with regards to Doctor Elias because of current public opinion of him.  The Pied Piper was more heroic in this issue trying to round up the rogues.

  The art was back to its bright and clean form(hopefully no more fill in artists for a while.). even though the art was great as a whole no one piece got me excited.  However the two page half spread with the train disappearing looks cool with the purple and green colors mixed.  Now with the nitpicks on page seven, top panel looks like the Pied Piper is a woman but that may be due to the brightness of the cheeks.  Also on the bottom panel of page eleven Heatwave's head looks to be out of proportion with his body.  The regular cover while absolutely beautiful does not depict an actual scene from the issue.  it's ok with regards to the cover of issue #11

  I do not know what to think of the reveal near the end, it needs to play out more.  Also it was great to finally see the Trickster.  He has always been one of favorite rogues since his first appearance the TV show premired on my 13th birthday..

8(out of 10)

Note I will try to get my Flash annual review out Sept 8th its coming through DCBS.

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