Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flash Annual #1

Flash  Annual #1 Flash vs. The Rogues United They Fall

Story & Cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

BreakDown: Manapul

pencils & Inks: Marcus To, Scott Kolins, Diogenes Neves(pencils only chapter 3), Marcio Takara, Wes Craig

Inks: Oclair Albert(chapter 3)

Colors: Ian Herring(1, 3 & 4), Mike Atiyeh, (2). Hi-Fi(5)

Letters: Carlos M. Mangual, Dezi Sienty, Pat Brosseau(3 & 4), Wes Abbott

Associate Editor: Chris Conroy

Editor: Matt Idelson
     For the first comic annual I have ever read I did not expect five chapters.  As I was reading the issue I wondered when the continuation of #12 would come then afterwards I felt like chapters 2-4 did an excellent job of closing the gaps leading into the annual.
     The writing was good in chapters 2 and 3 in telling how the rogues ended up as metahumans while focusing on the Snarts.  Chapters two and three flow perfectly together despite no trickster in three (and five).  They show this inner war between the Snarts when LIsa Snart, the Glider goes from non rogue member to  being removed from her physical body and questioning her brother to the leader).  Chapter five shows that you can not trust an arch enemy for long because the rogues are really  a family( bar was in issue 11)Chapter one had a message but took a confusing path to get there.  Chapter four was fun however it was just filler
     The art was mostly good.  The first panel of Chapter two looks like a classic rogue image even though The Flash and Captain Cold look seven feet tall in other areas of the chapter that just might be because they are upfront.  Chapter one has a poorly drawn panel of Barry as a kid and the eyes do not look to be in sync with each other.   In Chapter five  Flash's eyes just look to big and kind of buggy. Also the difference in Mirror Master Cowl from three to five thought it would be the other way around in more tech based in chapter five not more modern.
      Chapters two, three and five relate more while Chapters 1 and 4 stand on their own.  I hope there is a pay off coming from the subject matter of chapter 4 even though it could be worse for the Flash than the last page.
8(out of 10)

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