Friday, July 26, 2013

Flash 17

Flash #17
script & cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art: Manapul
Colors: Buccellato
Letterer: Carlos Mangual
Associate Editor: Chris Conroy
Editor:Matt Idelson

     Flash #17 provided a solid ending to the Gorilla Warfare storyline while continuing the mystery of the new Reverse Flash.  Somethings might be status quo like the rogues but Barry is about to face serious challenges as himself and the Flash.

     The writing gave us a very confident Flash which I noted in issue #1 and in the end what Grodd wanted was too much for him.  At one point Grodd seem to have the upper hand but that was before a scene switch.  Then when they return to that scene the Flash was back on top like that panel did not happen.  The Planet of the Apes references were funny.  Iris was regretting how her only date with Barry went.  Now major spoiler they heavily imply that Dr. Elias is the new Reverse Flash.  This is disappointing in that Dr. Elias was good villian quality already he had a similar role as to how Lex Luthor was portrayed in Superman: The Animated Series.  Captain Cold and the Rogues did enough to help Central City but once the illusion went down it was back to business as usual.

     The art was excellent as always my favorite panels were on page four with The Flash punching and  fueled with confidence.  The Flash catching Iris was epic and shows the real possibility of a love triangle with Patty.  The art also gives evidence of Dr. Elias becoming the Reverse Flash by how the costume forms. Who else would have access to that information.
     The Flash saved the day but is he ready for what is ahead both personally and professionally.  while it is strongly suggested in the writing and art that Dr. Elias will transform into the Reverse Flash the only interesting aspect is that they both have a science background.  Daniel West is a far more compelling candidate for the Reverse Flash mantle.

9(out of 10)

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