Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flash #22

Flash #22
Story: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art: Manapul
Colors: Buccellato
Additional Colors: Ian Herring
Letterer: Carlos Mangual
Associate Editor: Harvey RIchards
Editor: Will Moss
Senior Editor: Brian Cunningham

     Flash #22 brings the Reverse storyline into high gear with The Flash and Reverse finally coming face to face.  Also The Flash's personal life is moving inch by inch to getting more complicated.  This issue provides some clues to the potential origin of the Reverse Flash.

     The writing just seems to be ok with no single line standing out.  When Iris says "Oh cool" to Patty Spivot you can immediately sense the disappointment in Iris as she regrets messing up her date with Barry Allen.  I expected to see Patty pull Barry/Flash aside and question whether the suit he gave Iris means more.  I am happy to find out The Reverse Flash and Dr. Elias seem to be two different people.  Dr. Elias is already villain quality without needing a costume.

     The art continues to drive this series.  The splash image on page eight got me excited for the rest of the issue.  The image in the upper right on page seventeen with The Flash drawn as a blur reminds me of the Flash TV season.  Is the logo on the Reverse Flash suppose to be sideways?  The cover has a classic feel to it  and saying The Reverse Flash is a reflection or shadow of the Flash and it definitely fits the issue   The background art to the action scenes is visually stunning.  probably the only negative on the art is the blood in the last panel could be considered excessive.  We don not see the weapons changing angles based on the previous panels.  The Flash has a sense of urgency to wrap up this case as people close to him are threaten.

     One line in The Flash's monologue on page eighteen gives out the possibility of The Reverse Flash not being human so that is a bit confusing I can not wait for the next issue and the great art to continue.  If I had to guess the Reverse Flash is a Barry doppelganger.

10(out of 10)
9(out of 10)

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