Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Going rogue

So, Captain Cold has appeared on the Flash TV show and it was awesome.   Played by "Prison Break" Wentworth Miller we see he already has a set of rules that are akin to him leading the Rogues in the comics.  Cold's motive throughout the episode was upping his game after the first encounter with The Flash to get a diamond.  My  favorite moment was when Cold and the Flash were on the train.  The hood was up so he really did look like Captain Cold

Now Felicity Smoak was the one that stole the show by giving The Flash and his team pep talks when times were tough in the episode.  Barry ultimately  needs to learn he can't save everyone and when that happens not to get down.  The Flash team lesson was when Barry is upset with them they  still need to back him up .  Her hacking in under one minute was cool.   She must have been thinking to herself  "What amauters?"  So overall The Flash and his team needs to function as one complete unit always to end the danger

Cisco Roman drew Barry's ire beccause he created the Cold gun that was stolen and delivered to Leonard Snart(Cold's identity)  I swear Harrison Wells really wanted to kill Cisco but with the quest stars and Cisco' actually having a purpose in the DC universe.  I just hope Cisco got a creepy vibe(LOL!) from Wellls.  Cisco did redeem himself even though it was a joke at the end of the scene.

It was a nice change of pace to see someone else in the end credit scene besides Wells.  It does make sense with what we know is upcoming.  The scene before that one was arkward because they were talking about having feelings for other people.

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