Friday, October 17, 2014

The Flash TV show

Okay so we are two episodes in The Flash TV show on the CW network with Grant Gustin in the title role of Barry Allen /The Flash and its great.

Probably the biggest surprise of the plot was that Detective Joe West played by the fantastic Jessie L. Martin(I watch Law & Order reruns) the one who has raised Barry since his father has been in prison, learned of Barry's secret that soon. Another pleasant surprise was the villain, Weather Wizard, because this was someone not touched on in the 90's Flash TV series.  The only drawback of the episode was Weather Wizard using a gun.  The scene with Gustin and John Wesley Shipp was so emotionally touching.  From  one actor to another it was like I pass the mantle of The Flash to you.  We also discover that Harrison Wells has secrets of his own..

The second episode focused on the Barry Allen/Joe West relationship with Joe at first telling Barry he isn't a cop so lay low  Now there are even more secrets on the show with Iris West Joe's daughter/Barry's love interest, even though grew up like brother and sister, dating her dad's partner Eddie THAWNE.  So right off the bat we are not supposed to like this guy given the Allen/Thawne fued in the future.   Plus Zoom real name is Eobard which can easily translate to Eddie but that would not provide many plot twists.  I mean Barry could just pull Joe and Iris aside and spill both secrets but that seems too easy.

Back to Joe and Barry so as Joe is fighting the villain of the week called Multiplex(who I confused for Mob Rule) Joe after a talk with the creepy Harrison Wells about doubting Barry.  In other words there are some things that only Barry can handle but you need to give him the confidence to do so.

Now about Harrison Wells its already obvious he will be someone else and after committing murder in The Flash's name.  I predict he will some version of Zoom.

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