Thursday, October 22, 2009

10/21 Comics

The new comics I picked up were Blackest Night: Superman #3 and Brave and the Bold #28.

First Blackest Night: Superman #3 was kind of a let down because where was the Krypto-Dex Starr Fight? It is anyone's guess where that will take place now. How was Connor Kent able to generate light from the Medusa Mask? The art was good but the story not so much.

Brave and the Bold #28 The Flash(Barry Allen) and the Blackhawks. Flash travels back in time to World War II suffers a broken leg and meets the Blackhawks who for some reason are grounded. During his time in WWII Barry was given a gun which forces Barry to think is it ever OK to kill? The Blackhawks see it as a matter of survival given the circumstances. So there is an ideological conflict to this story. Barry returns to the present once healed up. The story was good, different but not great. The art was lacking with blank eyes in the mask that look may work for T. V. I don't know about comics though.

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