Friday, October 30, 2009

10/28 Comics

This week I pick up Blackest Night #4, Green Lantrern #47, Blasckest Night Titans #3 and Superman Secret Origin #2.

In Blackest Night #4 quite simply it was Barry Allen in charge. With Hal Jordan busy trying to unify the various corps leader its up to Barry,Mera and Atom to evacuate the Earth as the Black Lanterns power levels near 100%. I didn't know things the Atom touches can shrink. I found it amazing The Atom got Barry and Mera to travel through a phone line to the phone company. Once there Flash tells the other two until the JLA is alltogether they need to act like Superman and Wonder Woman with a little pep talk. Mera and Atom join the JSA for the fight while Barry gets the word out about the situation until the plan changes and goesd to Coast city just in time to see Nekron rise. The art was good and simple with blurs around Barry and Bart Allen it may not be as detailed as Ethan Van Sciver in Flash Rebirth also it was nice to see Wonder Woman lone panel have action.

In Green Lantern #47 Hal and Sinestro take on Black Lanterns versions of Abin and Arin Sur. Abin sur believes Hal hasn't lived up to his legacy as a Green Lantern. While Arin Sur says she loves Sinestro. Combined with Carol Ferris, the Star Sapphire and Indigo-1 they defeat the Sur siblings. I liked how this issue ended with Atrocius and Larflezze. I want to see how they interact with each other. Story and art are good.

In Blackest Night Titans #3 the focus seemed to be on Donna Troy as the titans are battling their dead friends. Donna Troy dealing with her family and Beast Boy with. The struggle continues until all the Black Lanterns decide to attack Dove and simply vanish becase they can't read any emotion on Dove just a white scribble and has a talk with Don Hall the original Dove with felt like a flashback due to the background color change it confused. Donna tells Dove to stay by her as she feels she is a main target of the Black Lanterns as thy prepare for the main fight. Story and art are good.

Superman secret origins #2 has Superboy meetinng the futurastic Legion of Super Heroes. He also kind of pushes Lana away something that I thought would be relsoved in the issue after a Legion member asks him if he has a girlfriend. The art is fantastic especially for drawing Clark like Christopher Revee. its simply amazing. Good short story for retelling his beginning bit by bit.

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