Friday, October 16, 2009

Flash thoughts(literally)

Ok, now Flash Rebirth #5 has been push back another week to November 11th(most likely available November 12th due to Veterans day). The delay is fine because I no longer have to stress about going to the comic shop from the train station for the issue(the yellow ring maybe another story.)

Two things

1. Geoff Johns seems to indicate on CBR that Wally's West new costume will debut in Flash Rebirth #5 not #6 as previously stated by the Rebirth artist Ethan Van Sciver.

2. Blackest Night: Flash #2 partial solict is out.

The partial solict of Blackest Night Flash #2 tells me right now DC is not planning a delay of the miniseries. If Wally new costume's was coming in #6, given #5 has been redalayed for a full month who knew when Blackest Night Flash would start to avoid costume spoiling.

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