Tuesday, December 8, 2009

11/25 comics

Sorry for the late post, just being lazy.

First Green Lantern #48 Boy how quickly has Larfleeze changed to comic relief compared to how he was portrayed from the Agent Orange storyline. Also a Green stop sign construct by Hal was a bit weird. Why does Larfleeze want his own guardian because I think once Blackest Night is all said and done the various corps leaders become the new guardians meaninbg Larfleeze would be a guardian himself and he could recruit a real Orange Lantern Corps.

Blackest Night #5 picks up where Green Lantern #48 left off with a splash page gave me a powers rangers moment when the various corps leader charging up/oath saying. I thought Larfleeze had an oath. I am thankful Flash Rebirth #5 came out a week before not to spoil Wally's new costume. I had to do a double take on the panel with Bart asking good or bad news to tell Wally from Barry so that will become a colorist problem maybe until time ends. The issue could have ended with the Black Lantern Batman splash and still be great. I think the guardians are finished no matter what. Some comic podcast have speculated about Nekron turning out to be a good guy. I mixed on that but it would help get rid of the guardians. For the heroes that got turned into like "living" black lanterns I believe will be fine at the end of Blackest Night. Bart Allen has his upcoming
Kid Flash series.

Superman Secret Origin #3 sees the miniseries change from a Smallville type background to the movies setting as we are introduced to Perry White, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Clark finds himself in metropolis appartently under Lex's rule and after a quick introduction of the classic Superman characters. Lois and Clark(Ha!) team up (with Clark unaware) to sneak into a Lex press conference because he has banned the rundown daily planet from attending all. Lex introduces Metallo in robot form without a source/host. It ends with Clark as Superman saving Lois falling from the building with a helicopter falling as well. Clark this he made a mistake revealing himself too soon. Writing and art are excellent.

Teen Titans #77 Is Deathstorke the same as Slade from the animated series?

Justice League of America #39features Vixen, Red Tornado, Zantanna, and a disfigured Plastic Man and a couple of others facing Black Lanterns. Zantanna fights a Black Lantern version of her father. While a Black Lantern Vibe shows up to battle the others inside the Hall of Justice. A Dr Light Black Lantern battles them in JLA #40.

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