Monday, December 14, 2009

12/9 comics.

Adventure Comics #5 the second part of the Superboy-Prime Blackest Night saga. The most funny part was Superboy-Prime flying through the DC offices. I would not take what happened to him seriously once he put the black ring on since it was an alternate earth. The ending of thee story was weird with Laurie wearing a black ring saying hope. The Superboy co-feature was confusing given that he is a "living" Black Lantern in the Blackest Night main book.

Booster Gold #27 Featured Booster and Blue Bettle Jamie Reyes taking on a Black Lantern Ted Kord. While the use of Light gun was cool to generate the green light to help defeat the Black Lantern. The most powerful images came after Booster and Jamie put Kord to rest again so Booster never forgets his friend and Jamie knows the legacy of his powers while being the best Jamie he can be.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #11 While most of the story and characters skip my mind Vril Dox with a Sinestro Corps ring and his group battle Black Lanterns Stealth and Harbinger. While how they made their green light is given a scientific explanation. The biggest thing at the end of issue was that Vril was stripped of the ring for insubordination I guess that was a feature in how Sinestro made his rings.

Doom Patrol #5 It just didn't seem like there was any conclusion for this Blackest Night tie in?

2009 DC Holiday special. Just a bunch of extremely short stories on how peeople in the DCU spend the Holidays. Just two quick comments. That remark by Wally with Linda holding up the sleepwear was confusing to me. Also do Christians get upset when there are so many Jewish/Hanukah references in a Superman story?

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