Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/3 Comics

Blackest Night: The Flash will be its own post once the review at thecomicaddiction.com is posted

Blackest Night Wonder Woman. Ok since when does Wonder Woman carry around a battle ax like Thor? Also I had a problem with her hair see battles like black Lanterns of war veterans as well as Maxwell Lord. I just remembered this issue was pushed back because of the ring promotion that's why it matches up with the end of Blackest Night #4 and not #5

Red Tornado #4 kind of read like Flash Rebirth #5 with no real advancement in the story other than Tornado and Torpedo now have a sleeping Inferno with them after Torpedo knocked him out while trying to convince Volanco lied to him about them causing his parents death. Art was good I will still pick #5 but the story better improve!!!

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