Wednesday, January 6, 2010

12/16 comics

Green Lantern Corps #43 So the end page of #42 didn't have any long term affect with Kyle back alive about 18 pages into this issue. He was "dead" only for minutes in their that only Guy Gardner and Soranik Natu reacted to it in the corps. Should they Guy keep the red ring to fight the black lanterns if he does not completely give into the rage. I think so.

Superman/Batman #67 The conclusion of Bizarro/Man-Bat vs. Black Lantern Solomon Grundy. Bizarro tosses Grundy to the suin and Man-Bat turns his back on a cure.

Justice League of America #40 featured the Black Lantern Dr. Light licking on Firestorm's girlfriend because she was turned into salt and then turning his attention to the new Dr. Light(Kimiyo). Kimoyo uses white light to dispatch him, Black Lantern Vibe and one other.

Outsiders #26 featuers the continuation of Black Lantarn Tara trick to gain an emotional response from her brother and others. Halo and Tatsu fight Tatsu's black lantern family berore Halo has to use white light on Tara.

The Brave and the Bold #30 features Green Lantern and Dr. Fate. After Dr. Fate puts a bit of his energy in Hal's ring he emerges to help Hal in a dangerous spot. Though the majority of this issue is a philopischical debate Dr Fate guides Hal off the terror planet. The art was story were good considering it was a short story that sahold have no ramafications for them in the future.

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