Friday, January 8, 2010

12/30 comics- Blackest Night #6

Blackest Night #6 picks up where #5 left off with certain heroes becoming "living" black lanterns and black rings chasing Barry Allen and Hal Jordan(Geoff Johns Golden Boys not to mention my favorite comic characters). Barry Allen takes himself and Hal Jordan two seconds into the future toescape the black rings. Once they get back to the battle and the New Guardians plan in #5 failed. Ganthet says all the colored rings are based on Oan technology and can duplicate to deputize others for 24 hours. This is done to buy some time until more regular lanterns join the fight on Earth Gathet makes himself a green lantern, Blue=Barrry, Indigo=Atom, Violet=WW, Red=Mera, Yellow=Scarecrow and Orange=Luthor. WW overcomes a black ring to get the violet ring because her love for the planet is great. Now I have no problem with Ganthet becoming a green lantern after being a blue guardian since he is more familar with the green power. Comic Geek Speak speculated why didn't the deputization happen sooner in the story. It could have taken place after #5 as well since it seemed like only 5 minutes went by in their time. Also people have asked why Superman did not get the blue ring instead of Barry. My response is that this series is proving why Barry Allen is back and that is Geoff Johns behind all of this.

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