Friday, January 29, 2010

1/27 comics

Green Lantern #50 totally awesome. If I have one complaint its the amount of screen time given to Larfleeze and Luthor. You have Green, Yellow, Violet and Red all battling the Spectre while BN Flash #2 had the blue lanterns and the Atom and Hawkman had the Indigo stuff. Even though Luthor's one line was great it was like okay where did those two go. Like Hal comment about not being thrilled to team up wiith Luthor and Scarecrow. One line by Artrocius seemed to hint more about Spectre being the red entity. The kiss so are we now to assume they are back together or was it just for good luck. When the batteries got teleported I thought we would get atleast one panel of Kyle.

BN:JSA #2 More Black Lantern trickey with a very misleading cover heartbreaking for a Flash fan. There was no sight of Jay Garrick in this issue. Black Lantern Damage revives Black Lantern Superman and did Jessie change her outfit in front of her Black Lantern father. That scene was way too short two pages. The story was good but nothing spectacular and the art was fine except for the cover which has to rate second to Teen Titans #77 as misleading for Blackest Night.

Superman Secret Origin #4 Superman vs. Parasite. I thought Luthor was going to transform Rudy Jones on purpose. I als found the mention of General Lane a bit odd. I did not realize that was Jimmy Olsen with Superman and that the fight would last the whole issue from when it started. The covers of this miniseries have the same look but give us people in the issue besides Superman.

Batman and Robin #7 I thought that was a female Robin but it turns out to the Robin version of Dick's British counterpart. The story was good. and it actually got my attention away from the art which I thought was absolutely terrible in the beginning the way Batman looked while running and also in front. An unexpected visit from Batwoman who I know nothing about in the comic world.

Atom and Hawkman #46 Disappointed this didn't open with a nok After a quick battle with the Hawks. Indigo-1 tells Ray in order to contact her tribe she will basically be vunerable to any attack. Its up to Ray to keep her alive. Indigo-1 ring is infected by Jean Loring. After returning and restoring Indigo-1 ring he says to her help me find a way to bring the Hawks back to life. The various Lantern homeworlds are contacted. So with this ending and the GL #50 ending you can see the setup for Blackest night #7. Love the you crazy b*tch comment.

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