Monday, January 25, 2010

Blackest Night Flash #2 review

Review by Eric Ridgeway

Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Scott Kolins
Color: Michael Atiyeh
Cover: Kolins & Atiyeh
Variant Cover: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Letters: Travis Lanham
Editor: Adam Schlagman

This issue is a really nice change of pace from The Flash comic books of 2009. To be more specific it is great to see the Rogues heavily featured in a Flash book again. With news of the Black Lanterns spreading across the world, Captain Cold decides to take the proactive approach and leads the Rogues into a reverse prison break. They actually break into Iron Heights prison to hunt down the Black Lantern Rogues. Mirror Master and The Trickster face off with their undead predecessors while Heat Wave and Weather Wizard have to deal with old friends. The Blue Lantern Barry Allen appearance feels like a thirty minute TV show and lacks the action of the Rogues' pages.

Geoff Johns does a great job of taking the reader inside the mind of Captain Cold. No matter what odds he may face he knows how to get back up and soldier on. However, I was expecting the fight with Golden Glider to be more expansive, it ended well before I could really get into their interaction. Even though someone used the Sinestro Corps symbol instead of the Blue Lantern symbol Barry's caption I was slightly annoyed at his internal struggles. It made me wonder if Hal or Ganthet could have made some kind of difference. I am not sure what the purpose of the Flash was in this issue but his scenes did help synch this book up with Blackest Night and Johns totally delivers on the cliffhanger.

Scott Kolins artwork on this issue was good but not great. It was nice to see Captain Cold lose his glasses for a change. Seeing his eyes gives him a new dimension other than a criminal mastermind. His lack of emotion was perfectly displayed and even though his dead sister tried to draw more out of him his completely cool demeanor was completely in character. While Cold had some redeeming qualities Professor Zoom did not come off evil enough. (Weren't his eyes red in the previous issue?) Both the regular and variant covers captured the feel and story from the issue.

Overall I like the issue but I guess I am bothered by the blue ring having difficulties when Barry has been a source of hope and inspiration in the Blackest Night.

Overall Rating 8 out of 10 (On Its Way to Greatness)

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