Monday, January 18, 2010

1/13 comics

Adventure Comics #6 finishes up the backup story from #5 left off in which Lex finds Superboy at what turns out to be Lex's sister home. Lex's sister is not well and he enlist Superboy to run a couple of errands for him in order to cure his sister. Howerver Lex shows he has the ability to play god by giving the cure and then taking it away. I do not whose actions are worse Lex from this uissue or Professor Zoom based on what was revealed in Flash Rebirth #5. Superboy throws his list compariong Superman and Lex away. Story and Art excellent.

Catwoman #83 features Selina Kyle facing off with the one foe she actually killed the original Black Mask. With help from Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Catwoman is able to thrwart Black Lantern Black Mask attempt to go after Selina's sister who was held in an insane aslyum for not having spoken a word since her husband was killed but still believes Catwoman was responsible. Story and Art were good.

Power of Shazam #48 was a bit weird in that you had Black Lanterns fighting each other. Osiris, a member of the Black Adam family rises and does not act like any other Black Lantern by not seeking people's hearts until Black Latern Sobek shows up and they have a duel. Orisis kills his Black Lantern version to destory Sobek in an effort to prove to himself he is a hero. Story and Art were fine for this unusual issue.

Secret Six #17 contines the Suicide Squad #67 in which Deadshot faces off with his Suicide Squad replacement who is now a Black Lantern called Yasemin Soze. Another interesting scenewas the fight to the death between Tiger and Catman but really this saga is much to do about nothing. I will probably not pick up Secret six #18. Story was ok and art was fine.

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