Monday, January 18, 2010

1/6 comics

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2 was very fascinating as we got a look at Diana's thoughts as a Black Lantern. The fight was Mera was expanded of course from Blackest Night #6. However I have trouble with the change of scenary during the fight as it did not match up with the events of Blackest Night #6. Also I do not like the art on the last page of the issue with WW in the Star Sapphire costume it looks a bit off from the ad based on Reis's art.

Red Tornado #5 felt like a better read than the last issue of the miniseries. Tornado and Torpedo finally convince Inferno that Valcano is the bad seed in this family reunion. Inferno reveals to Tornado that Volcano's target is Tornado's human family. Inferno pulls out Tornado's daughter from the earthquake rubble but does not relay this to Tornado leaving a little bit of doubt as to which side he is really on. That is how I read it. Story and art were good.

Suicide Squad #67 was the first of the dead series this month. Also I am new to Suicide Squad comic world so I may confused squad members with secret six members. A black lantern fiddler comes back to target Deadshot and other secret six members that include the Batman villian Bane. The story and art were fine except for the fact it looked like Amanda Waller was wearing a sweatsuit.

Weird Western Tales #71 features a black lantern Jonah Hex which caught me by surprised. I liked the issue just because we found out what happen to the black lantern ring meant for Don Hall(Dove). The story potangonist was confused in thinking that the black lanterns were coming after him and his group for the ring. Other than that it was a pretty average comic book with nothing spwectacular about the story and art.

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