Friday, January 22, 2010

1/20 comics

Green Lantern Corps #44 was a Mogo centric episode as he tells Saleek he has the ability to purge Oa to save the central battery from the black lanterns. Kyle Rayner attempts to talk to Red Lantern Guy Gardner but Guy dismisses Kyle as a black lantern trick. After the purging where Mogo will keep the black lanterns underneath forever. Kyle and the others decide to go find Guy but he finds them first. Now two thoughts first With Guy able to keep using his green ring does that mean he hasn't totally given into his red rage? Second with Guy still a red lantern at the end of this issue I think Green Lantern Corps will remain seperate from Green Lantern and the Blackest Night main book.

Starman #81 tells the story of David Knight, the second Starman as a Black Lantern goingup against Mason and Hope O'Dare as well as Shade known as Richard Swiftr. I don't know if he has any light powers but Black Lantern Starman rips out Shade's heart and a black ring attempts to rise him but the ring goes right through him and can't animate his body. Story was good but art was weird in certain places

Phantom Stranger #42 features the Phantom Stranger and Blue Devil battling the Black Lantern Spectre in an attempt to keep the animated Spectre from focusing on Hal Jordan. During the fight the real Spectre appears and encourages the two to keep battling. The second hald has the two helping Boston Brand put his body back to rest I think we have a clue when Deadman says "...white Light ain't got a snowball chance in hell of stopping Nekron" Story annd art was good. Cover a bit off with Zatanna appearing on the cover and just mentioned in the issue but I have seen worse covers.

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