Friday, January 8, 2010

12/23 comics

Green Lantern #49 is a John Stewart story(I know about damn time) showing him completely exploring Xanshi now a black lantern planet and coming face to face with a black lantern Katma Tui. So basically John overcomes his fear of letting Xanshi down. The backup played well to introsduce Blackest Night #6 but did it have to be in this book preventing John from getting a full issue?

Blackest Night: JSA #1 typical mini it seems like. Just 2 questions. Who is powergirl mad at? You would think Nekron but it did not say it outright. So Liberty Belle new costume in Flash Rebirth #5 doesn't last long or as far as the JSA is concerned she must be in her Libert Belle outfit since Blackest Night takes place after Flash Rebirth.

Teen Titans #78 shows Deathstorke/Slade son joining the fight against the black lanterns. However once the fight is over Rose turns her back on her father believing her mother is still alive and joseph after all he has been through decides to go under his dad's wing for more training. This story was confusing as no Teen Titans showed up in my opinion.

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